I am JessaLee

I am JessaLee the Wakandan mermaid. Is Wakanda a real place? Yes, but maybe not what you’ve read in your comic books or seen in the movies. My family comes from the waters of East Africa, a place known as Lake Turkana or the Jade Sea. Over time we also crossed land to include the waters and coral reefs of the Indian Ocean in our territory. I can’t give you  exact locations because the Wakandan mermaids are EXTREMELY seclusive! We have our own language and way of life. Interaction and communication with humans is strictly forbidden! We only use our legs for hunting on land, to avoid being hunted, or crossing land to move from the ocean to the inland waters and back. As a teenage mermaid, an incident occurred which lead to my decision 1s leave my tribe and see the world! Stay tuned, I’ll continue the story next week for story time!

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